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Mixed 6 Abbazia Wines

It's a bright sunny lunchtime in September and the already sedate little town of Morro d'Oro in the Teramane Hills is in full-on snooze mode. At this hour the old-timers sat under the shade of the veranda of the cafe - the only commercial enterprise in the area, set on a dusty road surrounded by olive groves, cereal fields and rolling vine-studded hills - are more content than ever to watch the world go by. Paolo has brought us to his place of work, which as places of work go is pretty impressive. Abbazia di Propezzano is an 8th-century Romanesque abbey, complete with cloisters, 500-year-old frescoes, shafts of dusty light shining from high windows onto cool stone floors and that bristling sense of the profound that comes from things that are VERY OLD. "How do you end up making wine in a place like this, Paolo?" I ask. "Oh, my parents own it," he casually replies. Fair enough.
This, then, is where Paolo di Strasser, of plainly minted parentage, makes his wines, in the same cellar in which, centuries ago, Benedictine monks produced their own sacred fermented grape juice. As if to complete the historical picture, Paolo even uses amphorae for the ageing of some of his wines. We begin to feel a little disappointed that he is wearing jeans, t-shirt and sunglasses, rather than a crusty old robe and an ascetic's facial hair. That disappointment quickly vanishes, however, as we begin to taste his wines...

Mixed 6 Bottle Case - 3 MAB 3 CAB

Case of 6: £83.70
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3 x Cerasuolo CAb, Abbazia di Propezzano 2017

Almost rose like in complexion yet it has more complexity and drinks a bit more like a light red. You can drink it with fish, pasta, risotto as well as white meats and pink lamb cutlets. Will probably be excellent with cold cuts and herb stuffing. It's beautiful and a speciality of the region, that to be good - as this is - can only be made with the very best grapes. Beautiful and exceptional value.

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Italy - Abruzzo
Grape: Cerasuolo
3 x Montepulciano d'Abruzzo MAB, Abbazia di Propezzano 2017

We found it a class above most of the wine in the region - fresh and vibrant with a juicy more-ishness that earned Paolo a big star next to his name in our tasting booklet. Not smothered in oak, which was the trend in recent years. Rather, it's comfortable in its shoes a lovely daily drink with pasta and grilled vegetables, meats and every day food.

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Italy - Abruzzo
Grape: Montepulciano
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