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Decanter's Best German Sparkling Wine 2017

Reichsrat Von Buhl Reserve Brut NV



~Decanter Platinum medal-winner: Best German Sparkling Wine 2017~

~Made by former Champagne Bollinger cellar master~

~A SWiG UK exclusive~

Let's talk about sekt, baby, as Salt 'n' Pepa once sang. Almost. The truth is that Sekt - German sparkling wine - really doesn't get a look-in in the UK. Germans love fizz and like to drink their own, as well as Champagne. Most of it is made in a light, uncomplex apéro style using the Charmat (think Prosecco) method and unless you're a dyed in the wool German-o-phile it's always going to be preceded by Prosecco and crémant. Sometimes, though, you can find really serious Sekt - Champagne-style Sekt made with the highest quality juice, and long lees ageing, wines of profound depth and complexity that makes them really worth getting to know.


Reichsrat von Buhl - one of the most hallowed names in winemaking in the Pfalz region (they're based in Deidesheim, where Maggie Thatcher and Helmut Kohl once sucked on saumagen as they thrashed out the finer points of EEC membership) - is THE pre-eminent sparkling wine producer in Germany, hands down. This in itself is quite funny since their main stock-in-trade is actually linear, dry rieslings. In recent years, however, they have seriously set their stall out in terms of Sekt. The cellar master since 2013 has been none other than Mathieu Kauffmann, the former chef de cave of Champagne Bollinger. Kaufmann worked there for more than a decade. Reichsrat von Buhl hired him with the stated intention of taking their sparkling wine - already the best in Germany - to the next level.


Decanter recently honoured this Von Buhl Reserve Brut with their ultimate accolade - the Platinum medal for the best sparkling wine in Germany. Ask any wine critic what the best fizz in Germany is and Von Buhl will be their answer. Lovers of rich, opulent Champagnes - you need to know Monsieur Kauffmann and Reichsrat von Buhl. Theirs is a Sekt that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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