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The Perfect Christmas Gift

Mixed Cases from Swig

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In Dante’s Inferno, there is a place just beyond the River Styx where burning tombs litter the landscape and pools of black mud gurgle, and which is populated by those who are condemned to spend eternity wondering ‘what so-and-so would like for Christmas this year’. Only the dark, icy lair of Beelzebub himself holds a greater horror than this nightmare from which there is no awakening. In this context you might well consider us at Swig savers of souls, the answerers of that most infernal of questions, the vinous solution providers riding our burnished sleigh (may just be a Ford Transit during busy periods) through the valley of your suffering before disappearing over the horizon with a clink of a glass, a short discourse on indigenous Italian grape varieties and a ho, ho, ho. To cut a long story short: this Christmas, whether it’s Corporate Gifts or Mixed Case orders, we’ve got you covered. 

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