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SWiG Exclusive Pinot Noir Rose from ex Bollinger Winemaker 24hrs best price

'One of the most famous and historic of Germany's elite wineries' Matthew Jukes

Those of you who took up our offer of Reichstrat von Buhl Sekt recently - possibly Germany's best sparkling wine, made by the former chef de cave of Bollinger, Mathieu Kauffmann - will know that this elite Pfalz estate does not mess about. A VDP producer for many years (that is, one of around 200 of Germany's most highly regarded), Von Buhl has reached a new level of quality since Kauffmann and managing director Richard Grosche have come on the scene. Invariably impressive, its wines now display a sense of purity, tension and finesse tension that raise it from the merely 'very good' to positively 'Phwoar, please just stop talking and give me some' territory.   

Today, in celebration of the summery weather, we present Von Buhl's Bone Dry Rosé. It's a superb, dry (1.2g/l residual sugar), dewy, mouthwatering rosé made from direct-pressed Spatburgunder - that's Pinot Noir to the Francophiles - juice, bursting with Pinot fruitiness but with none of the sweetness which makes so much rosé clunky, cloying and, well, kid's stuff. Not only that, it has possibly the coolest label in Christendom, a label that actually glows in the dark. Sit yourself down in a UV-lit room with a glass of this rosé while listening to a bit of Krautrock on the record player and you might well become so cool that you spontaneously combust. Take that as a health warning!

Reichstrat Von Buhl Bone Dry Rosé 2017

Pfalz | ABV: 12.5% | Certified organic

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens .... we could wax lyrical about how pretty and elegant this wine is, but what really stands out for me is that it brings you oh so much joy! Cranberries, raspberries and wild strawberries with white pepper and floral notes. A bone dry palate that will make it a brilliant refresher through the summer months but also enable you to pair it brilliantly with food. Delish!


14.50 when 12 bottles (£174)

£16.50 when 6 (£99)

*Will be £17.95*


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