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Old Vine Portuguese White *Extra Special Introductory Offer - 72 Hours Only*

Boina Branca 2017

“Exciting newcomer: Portugal Boutique Winery. I cannot remember a time when I’ve encountered so many thrilling new projects”

Sarah Ahmed - wine writer - and expert on Portuguese wine


More often than not when touring the tasting circuit the most delicious wines have already been snapped up. So, at a recent Portuguese tasting, when the most jaw-droppingly scrumptious wine in the room was young, free and single, we jumped at the chance. Cue a little mutual bonding with Damon over a flat cap obsession (he's such a charmer) and we'd negotiated a stonkingly good deal (we'll take the applause later) plus every bottle we could get our hands on.


One of the reasons this winery is so charming is that winemakers Nuno and Antonio really do make these wines for love and don't seem to have any idea how brilliant they are. This old vine white blend proves exactly why Portuguese wines are elbowing their way to the top of people's shopping lists. The 90 year old vines bring an intensity of flavour with a lightness of touch and elegance. But, what really stands out for me is the purity of the mineral core that lifts this from something simply scrummy to a wine you can't not go back to for that extra sip.    


  The winemakers have very kindly given us an extra special first order price which being the philanthropic souls we are, we are of course passing straight on to you. This is a one-off chance to be the first to get your sticky mitts on what is surely going to be a real Swig staple at a super-duper introductory price.  


Portuguese Boutique Winery
Boina Branca 2017

Douro Valley | Field Blend | ABV: 13%


A traditional Douro field blend (a co-fermentation of various interplanted white grape varieties) this has a core of stone fruits and green apple with the waxy, toasted nut intensity that often comes from seriously old vines. On the palate, an almost palomino conference pear and white peach fruit profile, but what sets this apart from almost all wines at this price point is the intense minerality rounded off with a buttery finish and hint of toasted hazlenut. This is a serious winner! 


£13.95 when 12 bottles (£167.40) - SAVE £48


£14.95 when 6 bottles (£89.70)


£13.50 for 24

Please email for this option.


Will by £17.95. Offer price for 72 hours only.


Ferreira and Vaz are part of the New Wave prepared to make less quantity but go for quality and respect the old growers who nurture these vines.


"Our philosophy is to produce wines that fully express the terroir, the native grape varieties and the vintage year.”


From centenarian old guyot-trained vineyards in the Planalto Mirandês region (upper Douro River Valley at 650 mts of altitude), for Ferreira, “working with old vines that produce little has quality advantages, but it forces us to grow at their pace instead of ours.”  There is a cultural advantage too, observed Vaz (who used to work for Anselmo Mendes) – “we help the old growers by paying good money for grapes.”


Portuguese wine expert Sarah Ahmed - aka The Wine Detective - refers to Portuguese white wines as 'Europe's best-kept secret'. Whether fresh and mineral, exuberantly aromatic or barrel-fermented and ageworthy, Portugal can pull off many a trick. One of its specialities is the field blend - a particular tradition of the Douro Valley, where many vineyards are planted with a  mixture of grape varieties, often not clearly identified, which are harvested and fermented together, which many winemakers believe gives them a unique complexity and terroir signature.


As Ahmed explains, the Portuguese are even less inclined to blow their own trumpet than the Brits, and as a consqeunce, while they have been prodcuing superb quality white table wines for a good while now - from the cool and verdant Vinho Verde region to Bairrada to Alentejo to the hot and arid Douro (helped by the cooler conditions and bigger diurnal ranges on the region's high slopes) - there hasn't been much shouting about it. These whites remain, relatively speaking under most people's radar - though not, if you'll excuse a modest parp into the Swig trumpet, ours.


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