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A scintillating new star in Alsace winemaking - these wines are the stuff of dreams!

Mathieu Deiss, Vignoble du Reveur Introductory Price 24 Hours

This has been written by our friend and erstwhile colleague, one of the trade's most talented wine journalists, Darren Smith. Mathieu Deiss (pronounced 'dice')is the leader of the pack of the long awaited and much welcome Alsace revolution. I love these wines and we are hugely honoured to import them. We have made introductory prices for 24 hours. You can mix them with any other Swig wines to enjoy the best prices for 6 or 12 or bottles. Email or phone for this option. Robin

Meet a new trailblazer in Alsace winemaking...


I had a dream the other night. I was sat on a park bench between Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel and they were arguing with each other, with me stuck in the middle, about whether Premier League footballer wages were justified. Art kept flecking my face with spittle. Then Roger Moore showed up and handed me a choc ice, and suddenly got run over by a marching band comprised of six-foot musical hares in bondage gear. Then the choc ice melted and the sky turned purple...  I don't remember anything else.


Another kind of dream is being dreamt by Mathieu Deiss, the talented young rêveur of the new Alsace biodynamic wine label Vignoble du Rêveur. This brand, and the wines from which it's made up, mark an exciting new chapter in Alsace winemaking. One which embraces the understanding of Alsatian terroir possessed by Mathieu's vigneron grandfather, René Mischler, the vast experience and winemaking talent of his father, Jean-Michel Deiss - of the hugely respected Domaine Marcel Deiss - and the ambitious thinking of Mathieu himself - a young winemaker full of ideas about how to translate his prized vineyards into wines that are fresh, precise, of their place and in a vibrant, natural style.  


Assisted by his significant other, Emmanuelle Milan, daughter of the immensely talented natural winemaker Henri Milan of Domaine Milan in Provence, Mathieu farms his grandfather's 7.5ha of vineyard parcels - mostly in the commune of Bennwihr, just outside of Kaysersberg valley - using biodynamic farming practices to ensure optimum vine health and biodiversity. In the cellar, fermentation is with indigenous yeasts only with no interventions except, in some cases, minimal doses of sulphur. Where possible, he prefers to use no sulphur at all and create 'natural' wines.


Tasting these wines gives you an instant impression of the skill and fiercely independent spirit Mathieu has inherited from his family. Like his father, he is a champion of terroir and is happy to blend different varieties if he thinks it gives a better expression of a particular plot or vintage. This might not seem particularly revolutionary, but in a region like Alsace, where The Rules count above all (especially when it comes to making varietally pure wines), it's certainly unconventional. Add to that Mathieu's implementation of biodynamics, a reluctance to use sulphur and an experimental attitude which has led to him producing two cuvées with extended skin contact (see La Vie en Rose at the bottom of this offer), and you suddenly have a very extraordinary Alsatian winemaker.


Vignoble du Rêveur Pierres Sauvages 2016
Alsace | Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris | ABV: 14.1% | Biodynamic


A seriously jazzy blend of Pinot Noir (direct-pressed, so no colour), Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris with a tiny touch of residual sugar. Fermentation is with wild yeasts in large oak barrels without any sugar or enzyme additions and no acidification. The wine ages for one year on fine lees before being bottled with a very low level of sulfites. This is a supple but precise blend reflecting its terroir of steep slopes on quarternary gravel soils - and  will make a perfect companion to a huge range of dishes, especially Asian and Middle-Eastern foods.


SWiG note
The ‘Wild Stones’ - as my GSCE French tells me 'Pierres Sauvages' translates - is a beautifully balanced wine in which a touch of residual sugar brings a roundness and generosity to this still dry wine - as Alsace is so skilled at. The fruit character is on the stone fruit spectrum, with ripe white peach and fresh juicy apricot. Try this with a light vegetable dish, like gazpacho, or grilled fish with roasted vegetables.


15.50 per bottle when 12 bottles
OR as part of a mix of any 12 bottles from our range


16.95 per bottle when 6 bottles
Or part of a mix of any 6 bottles from our range


Introductory prices 24 hours - will be 18.95


Vignoble du Rêveur Vibrations Riesling 2016
Alsace | 100% riesling | ABV: 12.5% | Biodynamic


Rather a stunning Alsace riesling, this. Dry with a sense of freshness and purity along with vibrant riesling fruit. Gives us good vibes, anyway. Ian D'Agata too - he saw fit to award it 93 points in his recent review...


Critic note:
"Pale straw-green. Lime, lemon verbena, chamomile, apple and quince on the nose and in the mouth. Bright and juicy, showing a lovely tactile touch to the fresh fruit and floral flavors. The finish is long, clean and vibrant. Delicious white wine that boasts impeccable balance. About 15% of the grapes were macerated on the skins and then blended with the juice coming from the direct press. A classically dry, crisp pure white wine (less than 1 g/L residual sugar). Mathieu Deiss told me that this is a very early-maturing site that never has noble rot ('only bad rot', he said with a smile) and tends to give very light-styled wines, so he pushes the wine’s structure by macerating a little."
93 points - Ian D'Agata


17.95 per bottle when 12 bottles
OR as part of a mix of any 12 bottles from our range

19.50 per bottle when 6 bottles
Or part of a mix of any 6 bottles from our range

Introductory prices 24 hours - will be 21.50

 PLEASE NOTE that the La Vie En Rose is a Pre-Arrival Offer and won't be with us for another 3 weeks or so. 

Vignoble du Rêveur La Vie en Rose 2016
Alsace | Skin contact gewürztraminer | ABV: 13.8% | Biodynamic


Our first batch has sold out to some eagle-eyed restaurateurs - so we are shipping some more of this next week - arriving in about 3 weeks.


A wine that's veered off the beaten track, swallowed some strange mushrooms and disappeared off into the desert with a weird naked Indian. It's a spicy, rose-scented gewürztraminer, yes, but almost unique in Alsace in that part of it has undergone 10 days of skin contact, before being vinified with wild yeasts in cask. The result is a depth and texture and headiness that set it apart from any gewürz we've ever tried. Mathieu and Emmanuelle have mastered here the balance of alcohol, structure and aromatic content wonderfully well, making this wine exotic and perfumed without any bitterness and with a lovely weight on the palate.


SWiG note
Pretty, perfumed and spicy enough to suit Edith Piaf. As full of personality too. Lychee and ginger, rose flower and pink grapefruit, this is what to expect from a gewürztraminer, but it only works in the right proportion. Mathieu and Emmanuelle harvested the 2016 grapes with just the right amount of alcohol to give a superbly balanced expression. This is the antithesis of the flabby, alcoholic wines gewürz can produce in careless hands. The partial skin maceration has given extra grip, aromatic intensity and an added fresh, spicy touch. An obvious companion to Asian and South-East Asian dishes, especially with poultry dish. It's dry and firm enough to go with a lobster bisque or lobster and mango salad too.  


18.95 per bottle when 12 bottles
OR as part of a mix of any 12 bottles from our range

20.50 per bottle when 6 bottles
Or part of a mix of any 6 bottles from this offer or from our range

Introductory prices 24 hours - will be 23.00



Pierres Sauvages Vignoble du Reveur 2016

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