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Sami-Odi 'Mahé & Ribo' 2015, Barossa Valley, Australia

Country: Australia
Region: Barossa valley
Type: Red
Producer: Sami-odi
Grape: Syrah
Bottle Size: 75cl
Vintage: 2015
Alcohol: 15%

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A word from winemaker Fraser: "A composition of our most poignant and superlative casks and a birth year celebration of our cheeky and joyous twin boys Mahé & Ribo - 15 Burgundian pieces. 79 week elevage. Bottles were filled without filtration, fining or sparging (the removal of naturally occurring oxygen & C02) and all transfer’s were completed via gravity prior to bottling. A decadent wine which feels both lavish and congenial and whilst immediately offering enjoyment is pleading for some peaceful cellar time. It should be fascinating to ponder over the coming decades." 4398 bottles were filled

Tasting Notes

What a privilege it is to work with Fraser Mckinley. Oh boy do SWiG work with some amazing, dedicated and passionate people. Fraser firmly has a foot in that camp, and perhaps may even take the crown. Producing astonishing Syrah in the Barossa (Syrah, never Shiraz,) Fraser farms just four rows of vines, with paramount importance on organics, alignment with the lunar rhythms and an ideal to farm as simply as possible. The same practices are stuck to in the cellar, with minimal pressings and pumpovers, indigenous yeasts, minimal racking and the wines bottled via gravity without filtration, fining nor sparging. The aim of course is to allow the vines and the site express themselves truly, reflecting the vintage conditions. What makes the Sami Odi wines so extraordinary is how already approachable they are in their youth and straight from the bottle. Sadly for all of us Fraser produces so little wine that we import 'bottles' and not 'cases' and certainly not 'pallets.'

Press Note:

There are two different paths that converge at a particular point and become the road to a great winemaking career. One is the direction laid out for those with wine in their DNA – those who are born among vineyards, with their names already emblazoned on labels. From here, great wines with great traditions can come. The other path is the one found by those headed in another direction entirely until they fall under a spell and become inexorably pulled towards a life in wine. It is a circuitous route and can be full of detours and wrong turns, but the way forward is lit with high-voltage enthusiasm, curiosity and ambition. It’s the dust from this track you find on the boots of Fraser McKinley. Fraser is the kind of person who would be capable of doing many things well, but we can all be thankful he was drawn to wine, now with his own label Sami-Odi. He brings a very distinctive sensibility to everything he does in the vineyard and the winery; every action is informed and shaped by deep thinking and that elusive thing we try to call ‘soul’. James Halliday (On Sami Odi as a winery) "Although he could doubtless sell them many times over, he tells me he has no desire to increase volume. Why? Because, as his muddy Landrover and wellies suggest, "I wanted everything to be farmed by me and organically, so it's just a few rows here and there…I want to do better, not more. I want to be proud of them [my wines]." Last year's production was 620 cases; this year he made 680 cases." Sarah Ahmed – The Wine Detective

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