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Two fabulous Abruzzo reds!

 To find a producer making this quality that was hitherto unknown is a dream come true. I still can't believe our luck.

The secret is that, all along, the wine has been made at the cellar of the Perrins of Chateau de Beaucastel. But the terroir is phenomenal, and so is the attention to detail in the vineyards. The flavours are just amazing.

The timing was impeccable - as the winery is just transforming from being a hobby of Jean-Louis Giornal to a business run by his daughter Florence and her husband Thomas.  Jean-Louis was told by his mother not to become a tomato and melon farmer like her, with market and roadside stalls and what that entails. He became an accountant but yearned to be in agriculture.  One day he was at a client who said he wanted to sell his small vineyard. It was just at that moment Jean-Louis wanted to buy. He viewed it as divine intervention and the deal was done. Not knowing how to make wine, and without a cellar, his friends the Perrins of Chateau de Beaucastel, one of the top names in the area, offered to help. The wines have been made there ever since 1999. He kept some wines each year for his own cellar and sold the rest to the Perrins for their bottlings. Now he has a dog and eats the truffles they find with his old Chateauneufs! See photo below.

We've got access to some of the amazing old reds, and we are going to be bringing some over, but we are starting with the beautiful whites! Florence has nailed them.

The Chateauneuf white is the best I've tasted in years, and the Viognier, which I love and I'm pretty fussy about, is spot on.  Both of these whites are made in exquisitely small quantities.

They may be mixed in any quantity, or you can buy just one or the other.
No minimum order. Free delivery from £90

Both wines are being shipped now and should be here by the end of May


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Viognier Hedoniste La Durbane 2021 £15
6 bottles £90

(will be £17.50) 14.5% alc

This Viognier is spot on. So pure, pretty, bright and fresh. Florence has nailed it. The value is also spot on, too!

To make Viognier well is extremely hard. It's a variety that if you let it overripen by just one day is gone. It loses all its freshness and gets sweet. If you underripen it by a couple of days it's very hard to get excited by. If you nail it, and you've got a good vineyard for it, and you know what you're doing it's pure magic. The aromas dance and the palate is concentrated with flavours of apricot and peach and orange citrus. Florence's has wonderful freshness and lightness of touch, yet with a sustained intensity of aroma and flavour. I adore what's she's done with this wine. It's amazing. So few wines have this much intensity, joy, freshness, finesse and relative delicacy all at the same time. The price of £17.50 is really excellent for this quality.  But to introduce it to you, we are doing it at £15. Only 200 cases made. From a small vineyard in their area of Chateauneuf.


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 Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc La Durbane 2020
100% Roussanne 
6 bottles £252

(will be £49) 15% alc

This is perfection. If you know the great Roussanne of Beaucastel, this to me is in the same league and it's one quarter of the price.

Just phenomenal. White Chateauneuf du Pape I often find underwhelming, sometimes a bit alcoholic, dull or flat, but this is just so full of joy, a perfume of white flowers and concentration and a weight in the mouth that is so good. Top tier Roussanne - a grape that has some of the stone fruit characteristics of Viognier, but has a different structure, and finesse, that's a bit closer to white Burgundy. Fermented and aged in double sized barriques - demi-muids.


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Below - now retired, Jean-Louis Giornal, goes looking for truffles with his dog, that he enjoys with his old Chateauneufs, which we, too, will be able to enjoy some of soon!

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