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Alphabetical Wines

“One of the most ebullient and exciting new reds in the Cape.” – Matthew Jukes, The Daily Mail

Alphabetical Wines came from a decision to break the rules.
They are made by friends David Cope and Simon Wibberly, they didn’t want to make a single varietal wine or even a classic blend. Unfussed by area or origin and not owning their own estate, or boasting years of heritage, they wanted to make wines that were fun - voluptuous yet drinkable, impressive yet affordable, honest products that are naturally fermented and made with the utmost care to maintain the integrity of the fruit and the variety character. In other words, serious wine, but wine you can pour for novices as much as aficionados. And the name? When they first started, their first red had so many varieties, one of their mates commented “Wow, it’s almost the whole alphabet!!” The name has stuck, and Alphabetical Vin Ordinaire goes on!

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