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Domaine de la Rochette

“For those who adore the sharp focus and tautness of classic Sauvignon Blanc, this is the wine to purchase.” – Bruce Palling, The Week

We’re in the Touraine region of the Loire here – cool-climate wine country. Rochette has been run by the Leclair family for four generations, with young Francois at the helm now. The wines they make have an honest drinkability that’s often hard to find. We do very well with their Sauvignon Blanc. Admittedly, Touraine Sauvignon is one of those wines that a weary wine buyer can struggle to get excited about, but when we tasted these there was something very striking about them. The Sauvignon’s grassiness and stoniness (think Sancerre but better value) invigorates while the Gamay/Pinot crunches with juiciness and drinkability. These are wines to be enjoyed without hesitation or deviation, though preferably with plenty of repetition.

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