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La Fralluca

“I would have guessed it was a £50-plus creation from a truly noble region if it were served blind.” – Matthew Jukes, Moneyweek on the 2009

Made by a husband and wife (Francesca & Luca) team who met while studying fashion in Milan, La Fralluca hails from the up-and-coming Suvereto coastal region of Tuscany. Often you hear about these “drop everything and go make wine” couples and dread sampling the fruits of their whimsy, but something about these two encouraged us. Perhaps it was the playful nature of their logo, or that the only thing they seemed more into was each other. Did they wake up the romantic in us? Maybe. Or maybe it was that Ciparisso is one of the finest expressions of Sangiovese we’ve found; almost like a baby Brunello.

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