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    'Wild. Not uncultivated or crazy, but wild as in natural expression. The state of nature at its finest.' Raw Wine

Metic is the talented duo of Luca Hodgkinson and Jose Miguel Sotomayor, based in the increasingly interesting and forward-thinking Colchagua Valley in central Chile. Luca consults for many wineries in Chile and has his own business sourcing grapes from sustainable and in many cases organic vineyards. Luca and Jose seem to have pulled off the trick of producing more or less natural wines (that is, wines made with organic grapes and crafted with minimal sulphur and minimal intervention in the cellar) which are a) delicious and b) very, very good value. This winning combination has for so long eluded Chilean producers, who have either lost their way making bland, industrial wines for next to nothing for supermarkets, or have disappeared up their own fundament trying to make the Chilean equivalent of Chateau Margaux.

At the moment we take their thoroughly irresistible Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenère. The quality-to-price ratio is amazing. The cab, for example, comes from ungrafted 120-year-old vines – how often does that happen with a wine at this price? In the case of both of these wines, the vineyards are at high altitude, the happy outcome of which is that the grapes have benefited from cool night-time temperatures, ensuring balance and freshness to the ripe dark fruits and sweet-spicy tannins in these wines.

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