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Vinicola Carassanese

Vinicola Carassanese is located in the beautiful Le Marche commune of Carassai. The winery was founded in 1971 by the Polini family and now encompasses 50ha of vineyards located amid the dreamy rolling hills of the region. The Adriatic Sea is around 10km to the east and the Sibillini Mountains 50km to the west. Carassai is in the heart of Piceno – Pecorino country. Pecorino is enjoying a sort of celebrity status among Italian varieties at the moment. The surge in popularity (there were only 87ha in Italy in 2000; now there are well over 1,000ha) has come about because, in its lighter style, it delivers so much character, combining a zesty, fruity, slightly mineral charm with immense bevibilita - drinkability. We fancied a bit of that, and here we are with Vinicola Carassanese’s exemplary bottling – amazing value and delicious to boot.



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