Symmetry Spice Tonic Essence 50cl

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Tasting Notes

Wine might be the liquid that runs in our veins, but we're partial to the odd soft drink too, and we were frankly blown away by these beautiful South African tonic essences. These are made to be mixed with sparkling water, to be enjoyed as a delish soft drink, or with gin or made into a cocktail.  The spice essence is made with cardamon, clove and Kapokbos, or snow bush, an indigenous plant found in the Karoo that has camphor, rosemary notes, and has traditionally been used for its medicinal properties. A lovely, woody, Cardamon loaded nose, a savoury palate, with some bright citrus on the finish and exotic, warming notes. A London Dry Gin is recommended with the spice essence if you are so inclined!

More Info

South African born Jean-Bapstiste Christini was first lured into making botanical infused spirits after a stint studying and working in France. Having always been fascinated by perfumes and distilling, he first made a gin, and of course, had to make a truly South African tonic to go with it. What was most important for Tista was terroir, and to tell the story of South Africa's floral kingdom, its numerous indigenous plants, or fynbos, and the Cape’s botanical and spice-infused history through his drinks. We talk a lot about terroir with vines and wine, but as Tista said, "with wine, we try to express the notion of terroir, but we are taking an introduced, European species and plugging it into our soil. It is little bit like trying to tell South Africa’s story with one language." With the numerous indigenous plants found in the Western Cape, this is a truly South African product. The name of the brand Symmetry comes from the balance and structure one finds in nature. Why concentrates you may ask? To limit packaging and to be able to bottle the drinks without preservatives or sulphites too. Produced in the true concentrated form, made from whole botanicals with minimal sugar, after opening, please do keep in the fridge and consume within 6 weeks. Serve in a 1:3 ratio to taste with sparkling water, and if adding spirit, add the same amount as essence.  Find out more at  

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