Blank Bottle Jan Niemand 2021

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Tasting Notes

From a very special echalas trained Riesling vineyard above a small tributary named Jan Niemand - just 400 bottles made! This labour intensive style of pruning and training is most commonly found on the steep slopes of the Mosel and the Northern Rhone, where the vine is trained up a single pole like a staircase (hence the label!). It's labour intensive and costly, but known for producing phenomenal quality of fruit, and in turn, wines of distinction, just as we have here. Quite heady and floral on the nose, with a stoniness too, mango and tangerine and lime zest, with a bit of weight on the palate and long, dry, mouth-watering palate. Pieter always likes to remind us with all South African Rieslings, "my aim is not to imitate German Rieslings - my aim is to capture South African sunlight!" The funky shaped bottle is Pieter's little bit of fun - to fox those who always associate Riesling with a tall, slender bottle.

More Info

The tale behind the name BLANKbottle is that when Pieter was starting out, he made a small parcel of Shiraz and was left with a few unlabelled cases. One day, a woman wanted to buy a wine – “Anything but Shiraz,” she told him. Pieter shrugged and sold her the unlabelled Shiraz, neglecting to mention the variety. A few weeks later she returned demanding more, saying it was the best thing she’d ever drunk. For Pieter, it was a lesson on the gap between what people think they like (or dislike) and what they actually like (or dislike). After that, he decided not to list the varieties on his labels. Every one of Pieter’s wines is a story, rather than a grape variety, and it’s the juice inside the bottle which reveals that story. He doesn’t own any vines, but instead scours South Africa’s winelands for top-quality fruit that has somehow slipped under the radar, now sourcing from nearly 70 sites. Some years he’ll make 20 wines, other years 35. With the benefit of anonymity, variety and regional identity take a back seat while parcel expression does the driving. These are some of South Africa’s most original wines, made by one of South Africa’s most original winemakers.

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