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Ombrone Cupano 2015

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cabernet-sauvignon, merlot, sangiovese

Tasting Notes

If you don't believe in spending up on a bottle of wine, this is the wine to convince you.  "

More Info

It’s the almost obsessive attention to detail that sets Cupano apart. Before planting his land, Lionel carried up rocks from the Ombrone river bank to improve grounding and drainage. Each vine in the 7 hectares of vineyards was planted by his own hand, and his meticulous attention extends to pruning the individual bunches with nail-scissors! It is also completely organic and partly biodynamic. Although we have said it before, it’s worth a reminder: Lionel learned winemaking under the tutelage of the late Henri Jayer (of Vosne-Romanée), arguably the greatest and most influential winemaker of the 20th Century. They became close friends until Jayer died in 2006, and Lionel is committed to maintaining his friend's principles.


“In my wildest imaginations I would never have guessed that this wine would be so unbelievably impressive. It didn’t take me to long to discover incontrovertible proof as to why Ombrone could work such unexpected wonders on my palate. Its owner/winemaker, Lionel Cousin, is one of the most dedicated men in the business and he learnt his trade from none other than the late, great Henri Jayer (of Vosne-Romanée fame). Arguably the most famous man in the history of modern winemaking, and someone with whom I enjoyed a life-changing dinner with many years ago (the single greatest moment of my career to date), Jayer’s impact on Cousin is embedded into every sip of his wine. Lionel works his entire estate by hand. He has carried tonnes of rock up from the Ombrone river to give better support and drainage to his vines. He planted every single vine by hand and he works between the rows using a horse and plough. He spends hours every day walking through the vines, meticulously pruning his bunches with a pair of nail scissors! He is wholly dedicated to Cupano – this is why his wines are worth their weight in gold.”
Matthew Jukes Money Week

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