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Brunello di Montalcino Cupano 2016

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Tasting Notes

Our nose was at least a foot away from the glass when the first wave of sweet perfume hit us. It was extraordinary - an exotic cocktail of soft black fruits, musk, vanilla and sandalwood. If the bottle were a woman passing us in the street, we would have walked into the nearest lamppost. This coquettish display of aroma is the equivalent of the visual displays of nature's tournament species. Like love-struck peahens, we were helpless to resist and we took a sip. Grandiose is the only word to describe it. Sensational is another. It is made in the modern style, using small French barriques as opposed to the traditional large Slavonian barrels, so there's an abundance of sensuous, sweet, luscious flavour on the front palate.

More Info

After the initial seduction, it then sits you down and talks seriously about future plans and long-term commitment, because this beauty isn't wearing a kiss-me-quick hat, it's a keeper. Those healthy berries didn't spend a year achieving physical perfection for a one night stand. Lush, sweet, succulent and deep, the fruit possesses enormous harnessed energy, promising an exciting youth, a richer midlife and a graceful old age. The feminine charms of the nose belie the muscular layers of the palate creating a wine with power as well as beauty. Just to confirm our first impressions, Lionel pulled out a second bottle (see photo... again). A staggering wine, unmistakeably a proud Brunello in its bold and powerful frame, but in a fine modern idiom.


“Crushed black cherries, a dusting of sweet spice, cedar, mocha and cloves blend to create the 2016 Brunello di Montalcino’s fruit-forward and seductive bouquet. Its textures are like pure silk, cast across a medium-bodied frame and ushering in a youthfully dense display of red and black berries. Symmetry is maintained with fine-grained tannins offset by juicy acids, as inner purple florals and a hint of dried citrus lingers. While showing a bit of its oak influence, nothing is out of place in this young and beautifully balanced Brunello from Cupano.”
Eric Guido,

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