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Bourgogne Pinot Noir 'Les Brulis' Domaine de Mauperthuis 2019

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Tasting Notes

 Considering the lush Pinot character - effortless smoky summer fruits and gamey, orangepeel and sandalwood notes - the beautiful balance and opulent texture this wine offers, frankly, it's a steal. 

More Info

That Mauperthuis now farms organically was one of the main reasons we took an interest in the domaine in the first place. In a rarefied place like Burgundy, it really helps to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Soils that are chemically sprayed to get rid of weeds and pests tend to kill the microbial life in the soils. Then you have to pump chemical fertiliser in to counter the damage and end up with artificially high yields. The only people winning are the chemical manufacturers. With organic farming there are no short cuts. You have to look after your vines very carefully and work hard to keep them healthy in order to get a decent crop. Organic farming keeps yields low - which means better concentration and of course better wines. Healthier soils also allow the terroir to shine. Ask any Burgundy winemaker worth their salt and they'll confirm this. So yes, organic is the only way.


“I have featured Mauperthuis wines before, and this fervently organic estate genuinely yields some of the purest and most mesmerising wine in the Côte d’Or. Naturally low yields and little intervention means that these wines speak of the soil as clearly as they do their pristine fruit. Les Brûlis is unoaked and therefore even more exposed and vulnerable on the perfume and palate. I would venture that this is the most direct and sonorous Pinot nose I have encountered this year, and there is not one iota of unwanted tannin here, making this one of the most delightfully gluggable Pinot Noirs I have seen, too. In addition, there is admirable depth and sheen here, so fussy Pinotphiles will be every bit as amused as gung-ho amateurs. This joyous wine swings in just under the twenty quid mark, making it a treat worth splashing out for when entertaining in style or indeed when you are spoiling yourself during mid-week sofa suppers!”
Matthew Jukes

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