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Tokaji Szamorodni 'Eloquence' Holdvolgy 2012 50cl

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Tasting Notes

One inhale and you're into wine greatness. The aroma is like that of a stunning old cellar with wonderful sweetness and botrytis yet with poise and freshness. Every sip is so complex. The wine is made from bunches of grapes that are picked when they have plenty of noble rot (botrytis) mixed with still pure, unaffected grapes. It gives the wine excellent balance. It really is the most extraordinary value. It's so complex, with sweetness and flavours of botrytis and wood, hints of spice, and some nutty oxidation. It has a residual sugar of 134 grams per litre.  It could almost be any price. If someone told me it was a £100 bottle, I'd not be surprised. There are so many expensive wines that don't get close to delivering this level of pleasure. 12% alc. The price is £25 retail for a 50cl. Our pre-arrival price is £20! 

More Info

Last summer, we were contacted by Holdvolgy, a vineyard run by siblings Pascal and Natalia Demko, whose mother moved from France to Hungary in the 1960s. Pascal's search for a special vineyard for his father's birthday which led to the purchase of parts of the historic 7 Grand Crus of Mád in Tokaj. After tasting their wines in Paris, I was captivated by their exceptional quality, both dry and sweet. Tokaj wines, with their exotic aromas and flavors, surpass even my first love, Sauternes. Remarkably, their sweet wines, at 12% alcohol, remain unchanged after four months, suggesting they could be enjoyed for centuries to come.


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