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A A Badenhorst Papegaai Palomino Chenin 2019

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south africa
palomino, semillon
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We firmly believe that Adi Badenhorst is the most exciting winemaker in South Africa. He is also the most frustrating. His laid back, self-deprecating, playful manner keeps you guessing and makes you wonder whether he has any idea what he is actually doing, whether he just chucks some grapes into a vat and hopes for the best, but we know full well that there is a huge amount of expertise that goes on behind closed doors, when no one is around to witness his skill and diligence ...and spoil his reputation! Part of his charm is his teasing rhetoric, his wide-eyed puzzlement at any form of investigation and his answering of a question with a question. After a few days in his company, however, you begin to realise that the important thing isn't the hows and the whys, but the simple pleasure of the wine in the glass. Damn! He's like one of those eastern gurus who lets you see that the answer was in front of you all the time, you only had to change your focus to see it.

Tasting Notes

A blend of Palomino and Semillon makes up the 2019 vintage of one of our favourite feel-good white wines. For each bottle bought Adi donates some cash to help protect the Swartlands indigenous Parrot population so you can sip something delicious and feel virtuous at the same time!

More Info

We absolutely love it. You can have the most expensive winemaking equipment in the world, but if it ain't got that thing it ain't got that swing. This is one of the most delicious whites we've ever sold at under £15. It's a wine that's made from titbits of yummy wines left over after the harvest. Each year is a different blend,and as Adi's got such good taste the cuvée is always small, alas. This is a special bit of fun for Swiggers. 

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