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Pinot Noir at the Holy Grail of under £12!

Extraodinary buy - with great customer reviews

“Just to let you know I actually got the delivery late yesterday and as usual had to try it as soon as it arrived!!  As a result I'm ordering another case for another 'pinot fan' friend. I thought it was just as good as two  NZ pinots I've bought recently but a lot easier on the pocket.”

“Delicious tried it last night.”

“Your description of this wine, like so many evocative Swig descriptions, was totally bang on. Bravo Camille for giving us a pitch-perfect, price-point-perfect pinot of delightful weight and charm. It is refreshing and worryingly moreish. Normally I turn to a favourite gamay noir (D for this kind of refreshment, but this well-judged pinot noir nudges it. It stood up to the vigorous garlic and also the feisty grana padano.” (Drunk with  linguine al aglio selvatico)


They say that life is too short for drinking bad wine. Well it is certainly too short for drinking bad pinot noir - which is precisely what you would expect to get for twelve pounds. It is exceedingly difficult to find a decent bottle of pinot noir at this price. To winemakers whose intention is to produce an affordable, 'everyday-drinking' wine, this tricksy grape just isn't worth the trouble. It's as sensitive, stubborn and prone to tantrums as a four-year-old child: it likes conditions to be neither too hot nor too cold, its thin skin can be overrun with mildew at the merest hint of humidity, and it requires near-constant attention throughout a growing season to keep it in line. All the extra expense and labour it calls for in the vineyard almost invariably puts pinot in a higher price category.

But butter my earlobes if we haven't gone and found one - a delightful ,fruity, juicy, pinot noir-y (yes, we really like our pinots to taste of pinot, not raspberry jam or cough sweets or grass stalks) pinot noir which, were it blessed with the gift of speech, would be gleefully hollering the words 'I'm a BARGAIN!' for all to hear.

On these balmy lockdown days, a lightly chilled glass of this pinot, with a nice plate of charcuterie, is about as satisfying an experience as can be had. 
I came across this Pinot Noir among the lovely Pouilly-Fuisse's and Macon's made by the Paquet family, an old, highly respected winemaking name of the area, on a stand at wine fair they were sharing with our Champagne winemaker who said I should taste their wines.
On nosing and tasting, I expected it to be at least a £15/£16 bottle of wine and would have gone for it at this price. So for £9.95 - introductory price - it's an oustanding buy. 
Please don't expect £25 red burgundy, but it's mightily impressive, with fabulous Pinot Noir aromas and qualities. I've now drunk three bottles and still can't believe how good it is for the price.
Pinot Noir Jean des Valanges 2018
Vin de France | 12.5%

You just don't expect to get interesting, tasty Pinot Noir aromas and flavours at this price. It's different to Soli Pinot Noir, being a bit fuller, more powerful and juicier. I wouldn't say better, but it's fun to have a different style.
Rich raspberry and black cherry, dark fruit for Pinot Noir. It's generous and deep with a seductive smokey edge and soupcon of spice. The palate is juicy and fairly full for a Pinot Nior. Effortlessly smooth tannins and a refreshingly low abv make this perfect for long summer evenings in the garden or socially distanced drinks with the neighbours over the front fence.
Drink with
I drank it with tagliatelle with mushrooms and thyme a couple of nights ago, and that was delicious. Hector drank it with turkey and garlic butter, with bread, and he tells me it was superb. It will be excellent with those ready made packs of ravioli and tortellini, as well as with light lunches and suppers, and casual barbeques. You can drink it over 3 or 4 nights, and it's still good.

£9.95 when 12 bottles (£119.40)
£11.50 when 6 bottles (£69)
(will be £11.95)


Pinot Noir Jean des Valanges 2018

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