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NEW Guy Breton Vintages available NOW

The more I talk and read about Guy Breton (aka P'tit Max; named after his father Max) the more I realise how he has changed the outlook of thousands of winemakers who have chosen to go back to traditional methods of making wine with wild yeasts that exist in the vineyard, who don't use sulphur, and who eschew big industrial processes. 


They're not the same price as mass-produced Beaujolais but then these are much more akin to the wines of fine Burgundy, and in this respect they are brilliant value. But, even compared to his peers Lapierre, Foillard, Dutraive and Metras, they are too well priced - as he is so humble. I've come to love drinking these wines almost above any others. There is something beautifully pure about them, but also so digestible. It's there in every cuvée Guy Breton produces: that sense of purity, a disarming openness and lack of artifice, a quiet cornucopia of perfumed aromas, the way, when you drink it, it's as refreshing and invigorating as water fresh from a mountain stream.

Morgon Vieilles Vignes Guy Breton 2018

low stock 12 units
Beaujolais Marylou Guy Breton 2019

low stock 6 units
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