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Blank Bottle Retirement at 65 2020

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south africa

Tasting Notes

If you like freshness, florals, prettiness and perfume in your wines, then look no further. Somewhat reminiscent of the wines of the Terrasses du Larzac, with its Pinot Noir like weight and high toned perfume. Very supple palate with juicy blackberries, raspberry leaf, even a little savoury herbal touch. Pop this in the fridge for half an hour and pour liberally. With bbq grub, with friends. It makes a fabulous lunchtime option as well, and is sure to be a talking point with a name like this!

More Info

No, the name is not taken from the lyrics from an upcoming 'Pieter Walser and the BLANKbottle winery' soundtrack. And neither is it to do with Pieter's imminent retirement. The name is a reference to the beautiful old Cinsault vineyard where much of the fruit that goes in to this wine is from (there is a little bit of Syrah too from the neighbouring vineyard). This wine was made for the first time in the vineyards 65th year after years of the farmer battling with birds pecking the grapes resulting in rot or sheep simply eating everything in sight. When the farmer did have a successful harvest the fruit went to one of the larger local wineries. Having been formally retired from service in its 63rd year, Pieter took his chance and snuck in. Several years careful nursing and recuperation farming, plus bird nets and a better fence and here it is - Retirement @ 65. A Cinsault driven blend from Darling in the Western Cape. Very hands off winemaking - with small amounts of sulphur added just before bottling. Pieter, you're on to a winner.

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