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Corton Rognet et Corton Grand Cru 2016 Domaine Henri et Gilles Buisson

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Tasting Notes

Once my glass was empty I could not stop taking in the aroma from the empty glass. It was better than the best perfume. This is beguiling and a hugely beautiful bottle of wine. It is a treat.

More Info

I never advocate wine for investment. Wine is for drinking, but if by fortunate circumstance you have surplus, and the price had gone up markedly, then it can be useful. But in this case it is better to keep it in bond, and if you buy the 2018, this would be advisable. Whereas the 2016 is for drinking now. To my mind, the Buissons are now making wines of pretty much the highest level and the value of these Cortons, relative to other Burgundy, and other high end wines from around the world is spectacular. They will continue to improve their winemaking, and get noticed by top merchants and reviewers I have no doubt. It is a good time to buy.


“'My old pal Robin Davis, from Swig, told me he had found an absolute gem of a line-up from Burgundy and he asked me if I would like a look. Of course, I replied, and not one, but five bottles appeared on my doorstep. Three were 2018 Saint-Romains and two were Corton Grands Cru – I was rather overexcited just opening the box of bottles. True to form Robin has found five exquisite creations and instead of picking just one wine to feature this week, the entire quintet made the cut because you simply must taste them all. 2018 Saint-Romain La Perrière and 2018 Saint-Roman Sous La Velle, both £32 (from £36), and my headliner Sous le Château are all epic examples of 2018s that are not too fat, too oleaginous or too forward. Instead, they are dramatic, lustrous creatures with amazing firmness of acidity and joyous, layered fruit. The oak element in each wine is subtle and supportive and at these prices they are all incredible value, too. Sous le Château is the fullest of the trio with La Perrière the most balletic, but I would urge you to buy all three – this is a lesson in how, in warmer vintages, those lesser-known villages tucked away in the folds of the Côte d’Or make far more scintillating wines than the wines that lounge around in the sun all day. The same goes for the two elite reds. 2018 Corton, Grand Cru Les Renardes and 2016 Corton, Grand Cru, Le Rognet-et-Corton are two of the finest Cortons I have tasted this year and this includes DRC’s 2017 Corton which is fifteen times the price!' ”
Matthew Jukes, Money Week

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