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La Calcinara Mun Rose 2017

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Tasting Notes

As you know, here at Swig we're not ones for hyperbole (frankly we'd rather die than resort to it), so you can take us at our word when we say that La Calcinara's Pink Mun is literally the best thing. In the world. Ever. The best. Of all things. That than which nothing greater can be. That than which nothing greater can be conceived. The best. Simple as that. Especially when enjoyed with light fish stew. How can this be so? Who knows? Who cares? It just is. This became exquisitely apparent to me after having consumed several glasses with a fantastically fresh home-made bouillabaisse. It was precisely as I placed my emptied third glass on the table that this truth was revealed to me, and now I reveal to to you. Forget all other rosés. All bets are off. This is the winner. The One.

More Info

In the interests of form, we did try to glean something, some clue to explain Mun 2018's insuperable deliciousness, from Paolo and Eleonora, the brother and sister winemaker team at La Calcinara. Sure, they gave us the usual spiel - only free-run juice used, long, loads of battonage, no filtering, yada yada, yada - but nothing they said could explain away that heady sensation of knowing that what you had just drunk was the best thing in the world. How could they? There are more things in heaven and earth than can be explained by the information you find on a wine's tech sheet. 

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