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Mixed Case of Curator Red & White

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Tasting Notes

Have you noticed how little currency the term 'house wine' has these days? There was once a time when a house wine was a symbol of pride, marking a restaurant's credibility, a statement of quality and spreader of guzzle-able joy to diners however modest their purse strings. This idea went out the window many years ago, it seems... Well, today we're reviving it. We want you to imagine Adi Badenhorst's The Curator as a house wine to be proud of in your house: always reliable, supremely affordable, a wine you can pour down your neck with reckless abandon.  The Curator White Blend - at just £8.95! - is a feat of brilliance. It’s vanishingly rare to find this kind of flavour, balance and freshness in a white at this price. In fact, the only winemaker we know who really nails it is Adi with his Secateurs! But with his Curator white, the bearded birdman of Kalmonsfontein has managed to dial up the value factor another notch to produce what we think has to be the most bargain-tastic white wine on the planet. Amazingly Adi and his team have nailed the Curator red too. It is insanely quaffable, satisfyingly full-flavoured, yet fiendishly easy-drinking. These kinds of wine do that job of a good old-fashioned house wine: subtly raising expectations, lifting everyone's spirits, offering an unfussy, guaranteed dose of vinous goodness whenever and offering plenty of it.

The Case Contains

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