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Not only is Pieter one of life’s genuine folk who will add salt to your life, he is bottling some of South Africa’s most beautiful wines. Indeed, among the fraternity of South African wine makers he is hardly known, we think for precisely the aforementioned reason - his humility - but also his willingness not to be part of the pack. 

We met Pieter when he was in a competition in which he was one of 20 finalists who had to fly to London for a tasting at which we had the honour of judging. To us his wines were the best and Pieter kindly agreed to come to our office the very next day. From that day on we’ve bought all Pieter can spare, which is very little, as he makes at this stage micro-cuvees; just a barrel per wine in some instances.

The tale behind the name BLANKbottle is that when Pieter was starting out, he made a small parcel of Shiraz and was left with a few unlabelled cases. One day, a woman wanted to buy a wine – “Anything but Shiraz,” she told him. Pieter shrugged and sold her the unlabelled Shiraz, neglecting to mention the variety. A few weeks later she returned demanding more, saying it was the best thing she’d ever drunk. For Pieter, it was a lesson on the gap between what people think they like (or dislike) and what they actually like (or dislike). After that, he decided not to list the varieties on his labels. Every one of Pieter’s wines is a story, rather than a grape variety, and it’s the juice inside the bottle which reveals that story. He doesn’t own any vines, but instead scours South Africa’s winelands for top-quality fruit that has somehow slipped under the radar, now sourcing from nearly 70 sites. Some years he’ll make 20 wines, other years 35. With the benefit of anonymity, variety and regional identity take a back seat while parcel expression does the driving. These are some of South Africa’s most original wines, made by one of South Africa’s most original winemakers.


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