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About Swig

 A bunch of misfits looking for delicious undiscovered wines that punch above their weight. 

The clue is in our name - we are for wine lovers not wine snobs. We’re all about the pleasure of discovering, drinking and sharing great wine. We are on a mission to discover amazing wines made by amazing people in amazing places. Above everything we love wine and are here to help.

Decanter Magazine Best Midsize Online Retailer 2021

Soil Association certified

"As I have said before, really love Swig - finding you was the best thing that happened during the pandemic." Julian H, January 2022

"I have to say that I absolutely love the personal touch you all bring to the industry - the love and enthusiasm for what you do comes through in all your posts and emails, so it’s hard not be inspired to try new things."James L December 2021

“You guys have simply by far the best discoveries of any wine merchant in the UK”

“So many talk about a positive customer experience being at the heart of their business, so few actually understand what that means. My experience over quite a few years now is Swig actually lives its values”

“SWIG do for wine what Mr and Mrs Smith do for hotels”
Victoria Moore, The Telegraph

Meet the Team
A bunch misfits looking for undiscovered wines that punch above their weight.

Winemaking is more than a job, it is all consuming and we...

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