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"It’s a rare week that I’m not Swig-ging something or another. You guys are great!" Brenlen J, March 2023

"It is always a pleasure to deal with Swig, the wines are great and the service impeccable." Christine A, February 2023

“You have been a great find. Looking forward to tasting these and future wines” Julia S, Nov 2022

"Just to let you know that the case of six arrived this morning by DPD. Given that I only placed the order yesterday morning, this really is outstanding service. Many thanks. (I order wines from quite a number of merchants but none has matched this service)." Long standing Customer, Nov 2022

"Amelia Singer was right; Swig is the bees’ knees!!" Leslie P, May 2022

"As I have said before, really love Swig - finding you was the best thing that happened during the pandemic." Julian H, January 2022

“Thanks for your email. I have been really impressed by the wines I have had, they have been really excellent. I would be keen to try some new wines. I think you probably have a good idea of what we like from the orders. I have loved the Blankbottle, that’s been one of my favourites and the Touriga is amazing. I also love the Rioja Paisaje embotellados and loads of the others, the Italian wine we have had, love that and the Chateau La Lauze we recently had.” 2021

“Thanks for note very much appreciated, we love what you do, approach and of course wines! Also service/delivery time is excellent” 2021

“I’m really pleased with your white and rose selections, and your SA producers as well” 2021

"Thank you for supplying us your amazing wines, and always the best customer service. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you & we look forward to working again together in 2021" A.B.

"This is fantastic customer service. Honestly. I’m shocked. Thank you. I will be singing your praises across East London!" - Ben

"Buying wine from you has always been a no-brainer for me and I continually tell my friends how wonderful you are. Think I’ve been ordering wine from SWIG for over 25 years now and I can honestly say I’ve never once been disappointed - quite the contrary I am always in fact utterly delighted with the wine and the service I receive" - Clare

"So many talk about a positive customer experience being at the heart of their business, so few actually understand what that means. My experience over quite a few years now is Swig actually lives its values" - Keith

"I think that what you do is utterly exemplary and sets a standard for all others to aim at!" — Richard

"Swig is where we go to source our "surprise" wines. They give you that choice." - Gymkhana sommelier, Valentin Radosav

"Just to say the last two wines that you guys have sourced have been exceptional and a real pleasure to share with friends. Fantastic value for money and punching weigh above their weight in those price brackets! The team's efforts and whole service are hugely appreciated" - Jon G.

"I reckon you guys are about the best wine merchant in the market at present for those who are happy to live on the newer shores of wine-making." - Patrick

"You guys have simply have by far the best discoveries of any wine merchant in the UK" - Matti


Decanter Magazine Best Midsize Online Retailer 2021 "simple, easy, engaging.. and delicious. Such is the online experience courtesy of Swig, where a delightful list is presented in crisp, cool, user-friendly fashion"

"Wine lovers tend to be set in their ways: once they discover what they prefer in terms of grapes or regions, they stick within those parameters. I'm as guilty of this as the next person. That's why we should all be grateful for wine merchants like Robin Davis at Swig. He has made it his lifelong passion to hunt down obscure wines that excite his palate and are properly priced." — Bruce Palling, The Week

"SWIG do for wine what Mr and Mrs Smith do for hotels" — Victoria Moore, The Telegraph

"SWIG is an expert wine company at sniffing out top quality, boutique estate wine" —

"Robin Davis (founder) from SWIG is a committed wine hunter. Like the 19th-century botanists who went on wild adventures searching out undocumented plant specimens, Robin will sniff his way through regions that seem to have been completely picked over - and, once in a while, emerge with a jewel" — Victoria Moore, The Telegraph

"A website you may not have spotted that should be top of your browsing list this year for the sheer quality of its wines is" — Olly Smith, The Sunday Mail

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