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Cantine Bonelli

    Unbeatable pricing, A-Z sustainability throughout the business, championing of indigenous varieties – Cantine Bonelli in Emilia-Romagna is playing all the right notes. From their bum-spankingly good-value Barbera to their crisp, refreshing white made from ortrugo - a hidden gem grape variety of the region - Bonelli has much to commend itself to the cost-conscious wine buyer. 



Based in Rivergaro on the banks of the Trebbia river, the estate was founded in the early 50s by Anacleto Bonelli, something of a pioneer who chose to vinify only native Emilia-Romagna grape varieties at a time when other producers were turning their backs on them.

The estate is now run by Anacletos nephews who recent years have expanded their vineyard area, buying vineyard land in the Colli Piacentini DOC in the 90s and constructing a new cellar in the early 2000s.

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