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Champagne Brocard Pierre

Brocard Pierre is part of the revolution taking place in Champagne, where the balance of power if shifting away from the huge producers back to small growers who make wine with the same terroir-focus as you find in Burgundy. The estate is run by young winemaker Thibaud Brocard, whose commitment to biodynamic farming principles results in Champagnes which are among the purest expressions of the land. Only around 2% of Champagne-producing vines are certified organic, so Thibaud’s having gone that extra mile to establish biodynamic practices is really extraordinary. This is hand-harvested, Pinot Noir-led Champagne made with as little intervention as possible. The tension and vinosity in his wines, from the flagship Tradition NV to the vintage bottlings, really set them apart.

'I worked in Burgundy so I am very influenced by their way of doing things. I make mainly wines that come from a specific parcel, from specific grapes and a single vintage.

The only goal is to have a wine that most closely reflects my terroir. To do that, I need clean and pure vineyards. That's the first reason why turned organic, to stop the chemical synthesis products. We tried to plough but don't so much now because the tractor sort of asphyxiates the ground. Our solution is to plant selected differents grass to help the soil to breathe and to help degrade the organic matter easily.

We love to think our vineyard is our garden and we eat it (drink to be 100 % precise :) and we don't want to drink something bad for us! In the winery, the less I do the better I feel. My job is 95 % in the vineyards and 5 % in the winery just to control and follow the wines.' Thibaud, Winemaker

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