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Domaine Terre de Mistral

Tasting over 100 Provençal rosés in one morning might sound like fun, but it is tiring work. Far too many producers feel that as long as you’ve found
the appropriate bottle shape and colour, the actual taste of the wine doesn’t matter so much.And with demand forrosé from this part of the world only getting stronger, who is to say they’re wrong?Well, us. Tasting the wines of Terre de Mistral at a big rosé expo stopped us in ourtracks. The estate sits at the base of MountSaintVictoire. Founded in 2007 by the Davico family, it has quickly established itself as one of the best producers in the region. They vinify theirrose with a small percentage of Rolle, orVermentino, that provides a depth and texture not often seen in wines from these parts.

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