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Eaton Family Wines

"The Eaton Family Wines are the epitome of the expression ‘hand-made’ and every single decision is thought through with forensic attention to detail.  Swig has secured stock of a few of these amazing wines and they are like nothing else on the planet.  I have tasted all of the 2018s and 2019s from the Eaton Family and I cannot wait for the other wines to arrive." Matthew Jukes, July 2021

Eaton Wines was established in 2014 after the family's departure from the TerraVin brand which they had established in 1999. Mike's involvement in the New Zealand wine industry goes right back to 1981 when Marlborough was just beginning its surge onto the international wines scene. Along with his wife Jo, Mike established some of New Zealand’s most renowned Pinot Noir vineyards (Clayvin, Clay Hills, Outpost, Calrossie) and the TerraVin wine brand.

Consulting to over 1500ha, Mike manages the nutrition and disease programs for premium growers throughout Marlborough and Nelson. From among these growers, Mike selects small parcels from exceptional sites and makes wines in small batches, as little as 387 bottles, to best reflect their unique characteristics! These selected areas are hand-tended by Mike and his two sons Harrison and Blake. The wines are just about as different as you could get from the typical Marlborough offerings and are quite extraordinary. 

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