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Fitapreta Vinhos

The motto at Fitapreta is “why spend a lifetime trying to blend in, when you were born to stand out.” And so it is with the wines...

Antonio Mancanita's really good at getting things right. His list of achievements are almost nauseating: finishing top of his class as an oenology student, working for Chateau Lynch-Bages in Bordeaux, becoming a rugby player to international level, consulting for 13 different wineries, launching four massively successful, multi-region Portuguese wine labels, being named Portugal's Winemaker of the Year and picking up a string of other 'ridiculously high achiever' awards - all of before the age of 40, by the way.

One of Portugal’s most renowned winemakers, António makes wines of intensity and class. No one of sound commercial mind would do what he and the other revolutionaries do, but it's this derring-do that makes them such magnetic personalities and their wine so winning, with qualities and flavours never known before, turning a staid post-war high-volume industry into the electric wine scene we are enjoying today. 


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