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A new kid on the block, sharing vineyards with Giacomo Conterno and Altare

Established by Giuseppe and Ornella Garesio, the domain is now mainly run by Giovanna, Giuseppe’s daughter.

In 2013, they purchased their two cru vineyards, 'Ceretta' (1.6ha) and Gianetto (1 ha.) With the cellar squeezed between the two of them, both sites sit on soils formed about 15 million years, consisting of fine grey marl with a high concentration of limestone mixed with sandstone, sand and Sant’ Agata marl. Sharing Ceretta with Giacomo Conterno and Altare, their portion of it is south-facing, betwen 290 and 320 metres above sea level, whilst in Gianetto, it's east facing, bathed by the morning 'sori', between 270 and 310 metres above sea level. Both farmed organically, as well as their cru wines, they produce a fantastic Barolo del Commune del Serralunga, produced from the perimeter rows of both vineyards. As the sites both border non-organic neighbouring vineyards, they do not declare this wine as organic. For price to quality ratio, it's an amazing bottling. 

In the cellar, they use large neutral Stockinger barrels, between 25 and 50 hectalitres. For some years, they solely sold fruit from the Gianetto vineyard, but all change in 2015, and boy are we excited. The winemaker consultant from 2016 was Gianluca Colombo, and the full time winemaker from vintage 2018 is Federico Zagami, who has had international winemaking experience.

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