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Portugal Boutique Winery

“Deliciously drinkable with a clear sense of place – mission accom-plished.” Sarah Ahmed, The Wine Detective

A very exciting name on the dynamic Portuguese wine scene, Portugal Boutique Winery is the project of Ricardo Sarrazola, born from the desire to preserve and pay homage to Portugal's centuries old tradition of wine. He started producing wines solely from the Douro, from a handful of special old-vine and high elevation in the Douro Valley before branching out into Vinho Verde country too, producing vibrant, single varietal expressions of Loureiro and Alvarinho.

Ricardo is part of the new wave of Portuguese winemakers prepared to put quality before quantity and pay a sustainable and decent price to the old growers who nurture the vines. Terroir, varietal expression, authenticity and the vintage year are the driving forces behind these beautiful and expressive wines. The Vinho Verdes are quite unlike anything you may have tasted before, brimming with energy and tongue-teasing flavours. Well worth a try, for sure!

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