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Saurwein Wines

"If you don’t know Jessica Saurwein and her delicious fine wines, let me introduce you to ex-model, super mum and more latterly a high-flying winemaker with an incredibly deft touch"  – Greg Sherwood MW

Since Jessica Saurwein produced her first wine at Stellenbosch University, she has been trying to redeem her family’s reputation in wine. Steeped in the history of 17th century winemaking, her forefathers made “sour” wine for the Duke of Austria! Luckily, now Jessica makes some rather fine Pinot Noir and Riesling rather than sour wine. 

She produced just 3 barrels of her maiden vintage Nom Pinot from the celebrated Kaimansgaat vineyard, so-named for a forgotten African goddess of agriculture, and in just a few years, has added another Pinot and Riesling to the range. The future is looking very bright for Saurwein, with the announcement in August 2021 of a new home for them on a farm just outside Stanford, the imminent planting of a vineyard and full-scale regenerative agriculture project.

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