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Saurwein Wines

“I fell in love with the 2016” – Greg Sherwood MW

Since Jessica Saurwein produced her first wine at Stellenbosch University, she has been trying to redeem her family’s reputation in wine. Steeped in the history of 17th century winemaking, her forefathers made “sour” wine for the Duke of Austria! Luckily, now Jessica makes Pinot Noir rather than sour wine. For the last few years she’s been working in marketing and sales at Kleinood estate. Keen to return to winemaking, she was aided by Peter Allan Finlayson of Gabrielskloof and Crystallum, who offered her access to a small parcel from the prized Kaaimansgat vineyard to make her own Pinot Noir. There’s just one wine in the Saurwein collection for the moment but watch this space.


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