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Yabby Lake

“Sorry to go all fanboy, but Tom Carson is - just quietly - one of the coolest cucumbers in the farmers market, and the golden goods he’s been producing over the past few years are a stunning testament to his consistency.” – James Halliday

Yabby Lake has been pushing the boundaries of great Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in Australia for close to two decades now. One of the first of Australia’s new generation of freshness-focused winemaking families, they have always been motivated by the goal of showing that the wines of Mornington Peninsula can compete with the very best on the world stage. With Tom Carson, one of Australia’s true vinous legends, in charge, the wines just get better and better as the vines age. The entry-level Red Claws offer village Burgundy-level quality at a fraction of the price, while the Single Vineyard and Single Block wines have won so many awards at this point that we’ve lost count. Age-worthy and shimmering with finesse, these are the Crus of the New World. As estates go, this is easily one of Australia’s greatest, and one that we’re incredibly fortunate to represent.