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Adi on Wine

As far as we know, no one has yet produced a vaccine to protect against Adi Badenhorst. So contagious is his lust for life that you can't help but be infected by it, whether it means you find yourself bundled into the back of his Silverado and taken on a bone-rattling tour of his vineyards or dragged into his cellar to lend a hand with the blending. While this pesky global pandemic is stopping us from being there in person we couldn't resist sharing these fantastic videos from the man himself.

An aerial view:

Adi on Kalmoesfontein (the farm):

A cellar tour with Adi

Adi chats about the Kelder Vineyard introducing the vines

And then some of the wines:

Secateurs Chenin blanc

Family White

Klipkop Chenin blanc

Secateurs Red

Family Red


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