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Domaine du Grand Cros Provence Rosé comes out better in blind tastings than Whispering Angel

“My office colleagues want to know what you think of that wine called Whispering something,” said a friend who stayed over last night. “Why don’t you tell them what you think after you’ve tried it?” I replied.You can taste. But sometimes the level on the bottles tells its own story. Victoria Moore, wine critic for The Telegraph, and 'How to Drink' wrote the above, and tried four roses, with Whispering Angel being the least preferred and Le Grand Cros, L'Esprit de Provence rose being the most enjoyed.

See Victoria Moore's instagram post here 

This echoed another blind tasting held by friends recently, with Whispering Angel, and other famous roses, including Minuty and Miraval. Again, Le Grand Cros, L'Esprit de Provence rose came out top.

This is partly a reflection of how large these famous producers have become. Making millions of bottles a year, with wine coming from far beyond their own original domain in some instances, paying producers for grape tonnage, it's inevitable the quality will suffer, and you'll lose terroir character. Family-owned Le Grand Cros make L'Esprit solely from their domaine's top vineyard, with the highest environmental standards. 

See customer and press love for the wine below:

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L'Esprit Rose 2022
"Do you have another case of Esprit 2022 I could take off your hands please? It's terrific!" Richard E, May 2023

"This is absolutely delicious and I polished off a case in days! Therefore may I please order 2 cases?" Jeremy C, May 2023

"Much riper and richer than other vintages of this wine (but still 13%). There's even a salted caramel fingerprint on those ripe, ripe strawberries and raspberries. A touch of cherry pie and strawberry sherbet. But it's dry and seems to have gained a stony depth that I haven't found on this cuvee before. This is really good. Best vintage so far. Drink 2023-2026." Tamlyn Currin,

"My pick of the recently released quartet of Le Grand Cros wine is the heavenly L’Esprit. With melon and cool cucumber notes on the nose and an extra dimension of silkiness on the palate, this is the perfect soothing style of rosé with a clean, bright, herbal finish and no traces of astringency or obvious youth, slowing your attack down." Matthew Jukes

"Superb…worked well both as an aperitif and also, thanks to its herbaceous streak, with aioli, crunchy vegetables, cold roast chicken and oven frites. Excellent buy. (Tasted alongside Whispering Angel, which wasn’t even chosen for drinking!") Victoria Moore, The Telegraph.

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