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Sommelier selection - La Trompette's Donald Edwards top Swig picks

Head Sommelier at wine focused Michelin star London restaurant, La Trompette, Donald picks his current favourites from our Swig selections. A man after our own heart, Donald is a keen cook, and loves food and wine pairing with a bit of a funky edge, rethinking it to reflect the seasons from the roots up.

Wiston Estate Blanc de Blancs NV – A lot’s been written about Dermot Sugrue and his influence on English sparkling wine making. Suffice to say I think he’s the most influential winemaker in the UK at the moment. His Wiston BdB NV is a great place to start with his wines, whistle fresh and piercing, it’s a perfect way to start an evening.

Les Chouettes Chateau de Messey 2020 - I’ve got a soft spot a mile deep for great wines from the Maconnais, especially when they’re like those from Ch Messey. Great clarity of fruit with just enough leesy creaminess and richness to put a bit of opulence on the table.

BLANKbottle B-Bos 2020 – I love Pieter Walser’s wines, I love them for the very same reason I love wine! As every one is different and brutally unique. B-Bos takes a different tack from his textured Rhone style blends and is all saline coastal Semillon and frankly I’m fine with that any night of the week.

Danbury Ridge Pinot Noir 2019 – The previous vintage of this wine, the 2018 Danbury Ridge Pinot Noir, will go down as the English Pinot that rewrote the rules. It was a paradigm shift in a glass. The 2019, whisper it, might be better. This is English Pinot that can stand with the rest of its true cool climate brethren and stand proud. I’d probably leave it another 6 months before opening but I’d be jumping on buying them because it won’t be long before it will all have disappeared into other people’s cellars.

Lourens Family Wine Co Howard John 2020- Franco Lourens’ showing what Grenache and Cinsault can do in the Cape. Every time you think you want red Burgundy, scrap it and have a bottle of this instead.

L’Esprit de Provence Le Grand Cros 2021 – Because sometimes you just need a bottle of delicious Provencale Rose to help you cook dinner 😉, and there’s few better examples than those produced at Le Grand Cros.

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