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The weird, wacky and wonderful - a veritable fruit salad of a wine!

We've worked with Adi Badenhorst for 15 years now and one thing we've learnt is to never underestimate the guy's ingenuity and voracious appetite for producing the new, weird and wonderful. Wine, vermouth, tonic water, rooibos, capers - you name it, he's done it! But here's a real first....

When the young Badenhorst family settled on the Paardeberg back in 2007, Adi had high hopes to produce just one white and red from the farm's eclectic assortment of old vines. Then the bills and budgets came, and so to the birth of the trusty Secateurs range. Then the old vine vineyards were nurtured into something special that deserved due attention and so the single vineyard series were released. Now, as Adi approaches his half century, he has produced a new wine that's a nod towards the old dream of making just one wine - one that screams Adi Badenhorst and Kalmoesfontein, 'to give the most authentic expression of Kalmoesfontein terroir yet.'

Introducing Papegaai Dry Red 2021, or as it's nicknamed on the farm - Papegaai Pansexual. With fruit picked from their 23 young vineyards on the farm, all the grapes, white, red, big and small were fermented together on skins. As Adi says, 'it's kind of an arranged marriage, one that works because the parents were considerate in setting it up and thought long and hard about this for 10 years.' Very little SO2 was added and the wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered.

And the parrot you may ask? Well, there are many animals on Kalmoesfontein, from pigs to horses to ducks, but Adi has long had a soft spot for parrots, and has bred them for many years. It's the critically endangered Cape parrot that's closest to his heart. They used to be found across the Cape but they suffered greatly at the hands of early settlers, trappers and deforestation. Fewer than 1000 birds remain in the wild in two isolated populations in KwaZulu Natal and the Eastern Cape. A percentage of the proceeds of this wine goes to the Cape Parrot project, an NGO that funds parrot conservation and research.

And the wine you ask? A light red to chill, drink by the poolside and not take too seriously. Blackcurrant gummies, violets, crushed rocks and white pepper, with a light petillance and crunchy, cranberry-accented acids. Check it out here

"It’s spot on as a light, refreshing red. The nose is extraordinarily fragrant with notes of cranberry, raspberry, flowers, fynbos, garden herbs and white pepper while the palate is not heavy but not feeble either (alcohol is 13%). With plenty of freshness and a nicely dry but not overly tannic finish, this is crazy more-ish. There’s even a feel-good factor with some of the proceeds given to the Cape Parrot Project." Christian Eedes,

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