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Vinho Verde- there's more to it than spritz!

We're all guilty of it....excel at something, and risk forever for that to be known as your principal skill or what you can deliver, no questions asked. If you will, the Competency Curse! And no better example than Vinho Verde....

Literally translating as 'green wine,' Vinho Verde rather unhelpfully refers to both a style of wine and a region. Even though the wine does often have a slight new-season green tinge in the glass, the name actually refers to the region's lush landscape.

Take one of the grape varieties it's commonly produced from, Loureiro. So good at churning out palatable but somewhat run-of-the-mill Vinho Verde that does a very good job at quenching an almighty thirst on a hot day, but doesn't exactly tug at the heart strings, it's in part thanks to a few Spanish winemakers across the border shining a different light on the potential of the grape that inspired a handful of up-and-coming Portuguese winemakers and made them take heed. And thank heavens for them, as for sure, Loureiro is capable of so much more than what is commonly known. 

"Loureiro" means "laurel" and the aroma of Loureiro wines is said to resemble that of laurel flowers and citrus or acacia blossom, matched with refreshing acidity. It finds its fullest expression in its spiritual home, the Lima Valley. And it's here you find the country's very best examples....

Our very own Portugal Boutique Winery make a wonderful example, their Gorro Loureiro. Childhood friends Nuno Vaz and Ricardo Silva are part of a new wave of Portuguese winemakers prepared to put quality before quantity and pay a sustainable price to the old growers who nurture the vines. Terroir, varietal expression and the vintage are the driving forces behind their beautiful and expressive wines. 

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