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Swig Blog: What to Pair With Netflix

What have most of the population of the UK done for the last 18 months? Taken up baking, worked out with Joe Wicks, bought a lot of cycling equipment……we may all have started well but the vast majority of us probably just watched a lot of Netflix and drank a fair bit of wine. This got me thinking….what are the ultimate Netflix and Swig pairings…….  

The Show: Tiger King

The Wine: Viognier Traminer Miroglio


The label on this bottle matches Joe Exotic’s shirts and this deliciously refreshing white will cool you down whilst watching everyone else melt in the Californian heat. Does Edoardo Miroglio have a mullet? Does he keep large cats? Ummmmm - No. Still a great wine match though.



The Show: Bridgerton
The Wine: Wiston Estate Blancs de Blanc


This English sparkling wine is elegant, demure, pure and extremely British with an undertone of intrigue and lovely acid lift. Plus We're fairly certain this is the first ever non-vintage blanc de blancs made and released in the UK! It's testament to the amazing potential and quality of the chalk escarpment of the Wiston vineyard.



The Show: The Crown
The Wine: Haut-Brion 1998

Well you’ve got to push the boat out sometimes and what could be more regal than a 1st Growth! 



The Show: The Witcher

The Wine: Blank Bottle Smaug The Magnificent


It’s all about fighting beasts and monsters so it must be Smaug the Magnificent (although that’s from the Hobbit, but Geralt does look a lot like Legolas, just saying).




The Show: Lupin

The Wine: Saint-Joseph ‘Petit Pere’ Aymeric Paillard


A French gentleman thief and master of disguise, this super stylish Northern Rhone is exactly the kind of wine that we imagine Arsène Lupin would drink. This wine is also a master of disguise labelled under the humble, all-encompassing Saint-Joseph appellation where some wines are extremely dull and lazily made but then some wines knock your socks off like this one!



 The Show: Stranger Things

The Wine: Imagine Vignoble du Reveur 


Set in the 80s a bunch of kids witness supernatural forces – you can’t get more 80s than a fluted bottle and this beautiful off-dry Alsatian blend really hits the spot. The brand of Mathieu Deiss of the celebrated Alsace winemaking family. Assisted by his partner, Emmanuelle Milan, daughter of Henri Milan The label and name says it all!



The Show: Medici

The Wine: Indaco, Tenuta Setti Cieli 


A ‘Super Tuscan’ as jaw dropping as the Medici’s mighty wealth – rich, and powerful. This is becoming not just a top Tuscan wine but an Italian first growth, but still really is a wine for those in the know. A Bordeaux blend of Malbec, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Right after that musing, now onto some far more sensible things….where did I stuff all that cycling gear I bought….


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