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AA Badenhorst 4th Rabbit Mezcal - 500ml

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south africa

Tasting Notes

Mayahuel, Aztec Goddess of Agave, had many offspring known as the 400 Rabbits.None was more mischievous than the 4th Rabbit, The Winged One. Legend has it he stole the Mother Agave and flew around the world looking for a desolate place to hide it from his siblings. The mischievous 4th Rabbit traveled far and wide for the perfect place to hide his precious agave plant. He searched for rich red earth, dry hot sun and inhospitable terrain; he found the Karoo.

More Info

Aromas of apple and pear eau de vie, lingering smoke and floral honey. A velvet smooth palate of honey and citrus. Gentle smoke weaves its way through soft agave and a touch of earthy spice. Smoke and honey lingers making for a delectable long finish.

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