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Vouvray Le Mont Sec Dom. Huet 2022

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Domaine Huet

Tasting Notes

I tried a bunch of wines from this legendary producer recently. They're all amazing but some need many years. But this is outstanding now. It's got wonderful flavours and structure. Some apple, some lime. It's got excellent density, precision, and a superb finish with just the right amount of chalky tannin to make you want to take another sip. It feels really solid, yet also elegant. It's so satisfying to sip. I liked it so much that I wanted to get the experience of it for as long as possible, so I had just half a glass a night over a couple of weeks, and it was wonderful.

More Info

Founded almost a century ago, Domaine Huet is arguably Vouvray's most famous name. An early adopter of biodynamics, Huet was certified in 1993 when even organic producers were considered hippies. Production of wine styles (from dry to sweet) varies depending on the seasons, which are becoming more erratic every year. For example, in 2018, around 85% of production was sweet, making the rare sweet cuvée Constance possible. The original vineyard, Le Haut Lieu, is a clay-based site first purchased in 1928 by founder Gaston Huet. It now covers 15 hectares and remains the most fruit-forward of the estate’s sites. The addition of Clos du Bourg came in 1953. It’s a real clos, surrounded by walls and is a little warmer than the other sites, making it the first of the Huet vineyards to be picked. Conversely, the vineyard Le Mont, which was acquired in 1957, has a greenish-yellow clay soil with flint scattered throughout, making it a cooler site. It is picked the latest and takes time to come around in the bottle. In 2022, the wines at Domaine Huet are gentle due to their slightly lower acidities, making them open and approachable. It was a vintage of patience as there was so little water, and the vines progressed slowly; even at harvest, some bunches were still hard, so there was a lot of crop sorting - Vinous


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