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Xavier Ausas

What is former custodian of Vega Sicilia Xavier Ausas' interpretation of what Ribera del Duero should be?

Ribera del Duero is Xavier Ausàs' childhood home as well as the region in which he is a highly respect winemaker. Handed the torch by another Vega Sicilia legend, Mariano Garcia, who was winemaker between 1968 and 1998, Xavier has had the opportunities and experiences to hone his craft in Ribera like few others. Now making wines under his own name, Xavier's priority is to pare back the use of wood and dial down on the extraction; in his own words "Ribera del Duero can be strong and elegant. I don’t understand why it always has to be massive ... my aim is to express the wine, not the wood".

As the name of the wine 'Interpretacion' suggests, Xavier's wines are a personal view on what Ribera should be after three decades of experience producing wines in the region. Some have called it a return to the Riberas of yesteryear, before the current trends for big beefy wines that often mask the intrinsic finesse and poise found in the Ausas bottlings. Combined with experience in the cellar and in-depth knowledge on where to source the best fruit from which sites in the region, these wines are a culmination of talent and expertise. 

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