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Colline della Stella - Arici


Andrea Arici is one of the most highly praised growers in the area. He previously worked for esteemed producer Bellavista with legendary sparkling winemaker Mattia Vezzola, and at the tender age of 20, decided to recover some old terraced vineyards that his family owned that had been abandoned for some years in the alpine area of the Brescia communes of Gussago and Cellatica, between 150m to 350m elevation. With the help of his father, Andrea slowly rehabilitated these old sites, formally establishing his own winery Colline della Stella in 1997.

Located in the northeast area where the Pre-Alps are, Andrea's vineyard is one of the few at high elevation, around 350 metres above sea level.The soils here have a high proportion of active limestone that is fast draining and that imbues a deep minerality and salinity on the wines. Keen to communicate his terroir, Andrea solely produces wines without added dosage, with full respect to the natural environment that flourishes around the vines.



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