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Crissante Alessandria

Exceptional Barolo from La Morra - "'one of the up-and-coming estate in Barolo that has the potential to enter the realm of the elite."

Alberto Alessandria is the eight generation owner and winemaker at Crissante Alessandria, a charming family owned winery in the hamlet of Santa Maria, near La Morra. The family produced their first wines in the late 50s, having previously sold all their grapes to various large cellars in the local area.

Their 6ha of vines include holdings in the prime communes of Capalot, Roggeri and Galina, and the wines of today are made and aged in the same cellars underneath their old farmhouse as used back in the 50s. Vinification wise, they focus on cold macerations to emphasise aromas and long, steady ferments, ageing their wines in a mix of sizes of oak. 

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