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Domaine Les Capréoles

A historic domaine in the heart of Regnie - "better grapes, better wines!"

Located in Regnié-Durette, Domaine Les Capreoles is an estate with a rich history, dating back over 250 years. Complete with ancient arched cellars, old stone walls and surrounded by mature woodland, the estate is a stunning set up, with their 5.5 hectares of vines planted around the buildings on a south-facing slope on granite soils.

Husband and wife Cedric and Catherine purchased the estate in 2014, and they chose to name the estate capréoles, meaning vine tendrils in old French, for all it symbolises - the reference to history and tradition, the natural support allowing vertical growth of the vine and the idea of relationship that they want to establish with those who appreciate their work. There is a healthy mix of mature plantings of Gamay, with vines up to 80 years of age, and younger plantings too, pruned in the traditional gobelet style.

Organic farming and the organic lifestyle are at the heart of everything they do here, respecting the environment, preserving natural resources and maintaining and improving soil health. Preserving organic matter in their soils is a key focus for them, particularly in the sites with sandier soils, and so you will never see bare earth beneath and around the vines, instead allowing the natural grasses and plants to flourish.

In the cellar, winemaking is traditional carbonic maceration with some destemming, indigenous fermentations in concrete and steel, gentle punchdowns but never pumping over, with nothing added than minimal SO2. As Cedric says "better grapes, for better wines!"


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